Adult Classes 2019

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Classes  2019

Painting in Acrylics

paintinginacrylicsTuesdays 6:30-9pm (6 classes)  $190 total

Winter Session: Jan 15-Feb 19th 

Winter/Spring Session: Feb 26th-March 26th

Spring/Summer Session: May 21st- June 25th

For beginners as well as painters at all levels. Mixing techniques, painting surface prep, and composition planning will be addressed. Creative use of reference imagery and other helpful practices will be touched upon, and students will have the opportunity to work on their own projects with custom instruction and guidance tailored towards individual interests.

To register, email or phone 778-840-4104.

Drawing and Sketchbook

drawingandsketchbookWednesdays 6:30-9pm (6 classes)     $190 total

Spring Session:  March 6th- April 10th

Suitable for all levels of sketching and drawing experience. Drawing fundamentals will be addressed, as well as the use of various materials and techniques. Emphasis will be on building  drawing and observational skills and fostering a resource of creative ideas within your sketchbook and at large. Fun techniques for collaging in, cataloguing content of, and other methods for further utilizing sketchbooks as an artistic workplace and idea library will be introduced, as well as various media with which to do so.

Bring your sketchbook and basic drawing materials. Some materials will be provided, and others suggested throughout the course ( email for more info). 

Portrait Painting in Acrylics

Tuesdays 6:30-9pm (6 classes)  $190 total

Spring Session: April 9th- May 14th

Explore creative portraiture in the medium of acrylic paint. Shorter painting exercises will be introduced to help you master the features as well as isolate and reproduce skin tones in your paintings. We will be working from reference imagery with some opportunities for individualized projects. Focus on hands-on learning and creative expression through portraiture. A great way to fine tune your creative figurative work and learn more about the medium of acrylic paint in the process! Though no prior experience with acrylic paint is necessary, some familiarity with drawing and or representational artwork is recommended.

To register, email or phone 778-840-4104.


Fundamentals of Illustration

Wednesdays 6:30-9pm (6 classes)     $190 total

Spring Session: April 24th-May 29th

IMG_9907Illustration is a discipline of visual thinking and communication, which can add dimension and purpose to an existing art practice, or be your gateway into creative expression. This course will cover a wide variety of illustration practices and applications and will feature some comprehensive techniques and resources. We will be exploring visual storytelling as well as the power of design to delineate and communicate.

A hands-on introduction to the fundamental tenets of illustrative thinking and practice, and a variety of projects and exercises, touching upon the markets of children’s books, comic, poster, editorial, logo, surface and pattern illustration. Materials list provided.

How to Register:

Simply call or email Laura to confirm the availability of a spot in chosen course or workshop, and then send a cheque or e-transfer for the full amount to Laura Bonnie:

Cheques:   Suite #2-721 Linden Ave   Victoria BC, V8V 4G8

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