Mixed Media Art Workshop

Working in multiple medias is such an endless source of delight and potential, whether you veer more towards abstract or narrative themes.
If youโ€™re not sure where to start with media, this workshop will feature multiple materials and ways of creating, and provide some framework for how to best combine various mediums (such as watercolour, drawing, collage, and acrylic) into your practice seamlessly and without technical mishap.
Mixed media is well applied to illustrative work as well as layered, atmospheric art. If you have a particular vision in mind, Iโ€™ll try and help you get where you need to go with it. Also, paper mache.

Mixed Media Art Class

Day & Time: Tuesdays 7-9pm

Dates: June 1st to 29th

Sessions: 5

Tuition: $220

Classes and Workshops are held at North Park Art Studio, at 10-903 North Park Street in Victoria BC, and facilitated by artist and illustrator Laura Bonnie. Click here to view studio registration and cancellation policies. Please register at least 3 days before a workshop is scheduled to begin.

Register for this Workshop

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Mixed Media Art Class

Dates: June 1st to 29th. 5 sessions total