July 20th 2019- Moss Street Paint in, Victoria BC

The Paint-In is once more approaching! I’ve got some new work and things that I’m excited to share with y’all

11am-4pm all up and down Moss Street. 

I’m listed as #14- Laura Bonnie. Come find me at 1289 Revercomb place (on Moss Halfway between Richardson and Rockland Ave, where that cute little cul-de sac lives. 

Also a little cute preview article by the Monday Mag (which I’m quoted in!) here. https://www.mondaymag.com/entertainment/artist-gains-and-growing-pains-for-32nd-annual-paint-in/

June 8th and 9th 2019- North Park Art Studio is participating in the Fernwood Art Stroll

Very excited to be participating in this years Fernwood Art Stroll. Lots of nifty things will be around to see this weekend, definitely worth checking out and strolling around for.

11am-4pm both days. Come visit the studio. Check out the Art Stroll’s website and ye shall find a map of participating studios, and many other splendored things.