Yesteryear’s Art Commissions (2021)

Looking back on a year of commissions, I appreciate the diverse range of subject matters that clients brought my way. My first car paintings, some botanical illustration and sign graphics, and all kinds of portraits too.  Lots of change and rearranging of my art studio and living space. Having some smaller assigned projects to plug… Continue reading Yesteryear’s Art Commissions (2021)

Reminiscing About the Pets of 2020 (Art Commissions)

This season it’s been really nice to have a reason to muse over photographs of adorable cats and dogs and to create some art that is aesthetically fun without getting too existential. Many thanks to my portrait clients of 2020, these commissions were a good thing and especially appreciated within this strange year. Thanks for… Continue reading Reminiscing About the Pets of 2020 (Art Commissions)